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High quality, creative design on a convenient monthly subscription


Professional design, done right and delivered fast

Our streamlined process takes the guess-work out of design and puts the power in your hands.

Subscribe and Request

Subscribe to a plan and start making design requests immediately.

Execute and Review

Requests are completed one at a time and undergo revisions as needed until you’re happy.

Revise and Finalize

Once approved, designs are organized, packaged and delivered right away.

Organized & Optimized

Communicate via WhatsApp

We believe in as few meetings as possible, but we can always be reached via WhatsApp

Manage with Trello

All requests are entered and updated through Trello. Easily view active, queued, and completed tasks.

Unlimited Team Members

Invite anyone on your team so they can submit requests and track progress.

What's in it for you?

There’s a lot to love about your membership. In addition to great-looking designs, here are some perks that make joining worthwhile.

Design Board

Create unlimited design requests

Rapid-Fire Delivery

Start seeing work within two days for most requests

Fixed Monthly Rate

Consistent quality for the same price, each month

High-Quality Standards

Senior-level quality, no exceptions

Creative Problem-Solving

Access to 20 years of design-challenge-solving experience

Custom-Made for You

All designs are original and made just for you

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Branding, brochures, banners & more

Print Design
Posters & Flyers
Logos & Branding
Design Systems
POSM Material
Website Design
Business Cards
Presentation Design
Pitch Decks
Brochures & Leaflets
Brand Guidelines
Social Media Graphics
Direct Mail
Email Graphics
Event Material Design
Packaging & Labels
Blog Graphics
Digital Ads
Company Profiles

What's typically (not) included

Audio Production
Video Production
Fine Art
3D Production

Let's get signed up

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What's included:
  • Average 48 hour delivery
  • One request at a time
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock
  • Easy credit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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What's included:
  • Average 24 hour delivery
  • One request at a time
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock
  • Easy credit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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Why not just hire a full-time designer?
That's probably question #1 for most people and the best answer is cost-savings and simplicity. Hiring a full-time senior designer in today's market will run you a minimum of $100k a year, not including benefits, and that's if you can find one available! Additionally, in order to justify the cost, you'll need to keep them busy or risk losing value.

With our monthly design service, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel as needed, ensuring you have design capability when you need it most without the full-time investment.
Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?
Once subscribed, you can add as many requests to the queue as you like. We'll get to them one at a time.
How fast will I receive my designs?
Typically, most requests are completed in two days or less. However, more complex requests may take longer.
How do you deliver high-quality design work
In addition to relying on years and years of experience, we keep our client pool low so we're never stretched too thin.
How many designers do you have?
ASTRO is operated primarily by me, the founder. However, for more complex requests, I'll sometimes bring in a creative partner to assist.
How does the pause feature work?
Sometimes, the flow of requests may lighten and in those moments you have the ability to pause your subscription. Billing cycles are 31 days. So that means if you use the service for 15 days then decide to pause the service, you'll have 16 days remaining to be used anytime in the future.
What programs do you design in?
I work in a variety of programs but most requests are handled with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma.
How do I request designs?
Simply include your brief in a Trello card and add it to your queue. You can use google docs, attach docs from your computer, make a Loom video, whatever you're most comfortable with.
What if I don't like the design?
Good design is a process and we're always happy to revise until you're 100% satisfied.
Is there any design work you don't cover?
Indeed there is! ASTRO does not produce designs for the following formats: 3D production, audio production, video production, photography, coding and fine art
What if I only have a single request?
That's fine. You can pause your subscription when finished and unpause when you have additional design needs. Don't let your subscription go to waste.
Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?
Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued.