Lao Nguu BBQ & Beer Branding & Design

Blending modern style and cultural legend


All over East Asia there are tellings and retellings of the famous 16th century epic, Journey to the West, a story of a monk on an adventure to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures and encountering all kinds of supernatural challenges along the way. This story finds itself at the heart of many modern creative works and was an inspiring source of ideas for our new client, Lao Nguu.

Our primary objective was to spin this legend into a fun, striking brand that would create a link back to the story through its energetic and stylized character. This character was our center point for the visual identity. We built it to convey the right emotions and tones and in the end had a well-articulated mascot that found its way onto all kinds of designs.

What We Did

Graphic & Print Design
Collateral Design

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