CapitaLand Graphic and Social Design

Cultivating a well-designed venue


When we started working with CapitaLand, our job was basically to adopt a mall. And that’s just what we did. We made The Oxygen, their three-floor commercial space, our baby. Our primary tasks were graphic design for the interior, event key visual design and photography, and social media management and content creation.

Across all these channels we worked to improve and normalize the visual experience of the venue. Each month, we’d produce a visual design theme for their end-of-month events, expand that content to Facebook and promote the page via our curated monthly plans. Additionally, we worked to develop their new way-finding and signage system, produced numerous hoarding designs, and supported the individual brands, within the mall, with some of their graphic needs.

Over time, the space began to attract more customers and eventually gained a reputation for their lively events and high-quality presentations. Thanks to the collaboration with their internal team, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do and bring new life, energy, and feeling to the whole space.

What We Did

Graphic Design
Signage & Way-finding Design
Event Photography
Social Media Management

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