Tê Tê Craft Beer Branding & Design

Redefining craft beer branding in Vietnam


Born out of the minds of four friends, this funky and fun craft brewery was part of a pioneering effort, bringing international craft quality and variety to Southeast Asia. We knew the brand needed something special to grow and a collaborative brainstorming process began. Bringing together local designers, illustrators and photographers, we wanted to to see what came to mind when thinking of craft beer. That’s how Tê Tê was born.

Tê tê is Vietnamese for pangolin, an endangered species of mammal native to Southeast Asia, but hunted to near extinction for its scales. Tê tê also means to feel “buzzed” or more generally, not quite sober. You throw in a few cultural drinking anecdotes about our friend the tê tê and you’ve got a brand name filled with rich meaning and local significance.

We took this concept and ran with it, producing a great-looking brand full of positive energy, stylized illustration and playful messaging. Following this came a waterfall of designs made to suit the brand. You name it, we made it. Coasters, flyers, posters, photos, videos, animations, websites, sales materials, social media ads, signage and business cards. No format was spared. And after we were finished, we knew we had created something special we could all be proud of.

What We Did

Graphic & Print Design
Web Design
Motion Graphics

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